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From Deposit to Commitment

The Evolution of US-Israeli-Syrian Peace Negotiations, 1993-2000.
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Proving US indispensability

The current fighting in Gaza has for some time been "a disaster waiting to happen". When it finally did happen this came at an inopportune time, toward the end of the US presidential transition, as the Bush administration was fading and President-elect Barack Obama adamantly (and correctly) refused to make his opinion known, let alone be drawn into the politics of the crisis.

Apologetics and Public Diplomacy

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The Middle East

in Nicholas Rizopoulos (ed.), Sea Changes: US Policy and a World Transformed, Council on Foreign Relations, New York, 1990.

Syria, Lebanon and Israel

International Journal, Summer 1990.

The Gulf Crisis and Its Aftermath

Paper presented to the conference on European Security, Athens, November 1988.

The Changing Prism: Syrian Policy in Lebanon as a Mirror, an Issue and an Instrument

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The Suez-Sinai Campaign -- The Regional Dimension

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Between Nationalists and 'Moderates': France and Syria in the 1930's

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Syria and Lebanon

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