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Middle Eastern Studies: A Celebration

Middle Eastern Studies, vol. 50, no. 6 (2014), page 851.

The late Elie Kedourie and his wife Sylvia G. Haim (Kedourie) have had a profound dual impact on Middle Eastern studies: as authors and editors of the most significant books and essays in the field and as founders and editors of the premier journal in the field, Middle Eastern Studies.


To have kept a journal going for 50 years is an achievement in its own right, but the Kedouries did better than that; they have kept a high standard, a loyal group of writers and a loyal group of readers and subscribers. The journal has been the venue of choice for seasoned academics as well as for young scholars taking their first steps in academic writing on the Middle East. Many of the essays published in the journal are still being read and cited and the book review section has done what it should do: it made and broke reputations and set standards. As a reader and contributor I salute and congratulate Sylvia and wish her and us many more years of great editorial work.